2008 - to date : Cakewalk Project5
The third generation of my composing came when I purchased a midi keyboard (A Yamaha PSR-3000) and invested in some semi-professional software; Cakewalk Producer and Cakewalk Project5. My personal preference was for Project5 but unfortunately Cakewalk ceased development of this to focus on Producer. Still, years later, I've managed to keep it going (even after upgrading to Windows 10!) and in 2016 I finally got my creative juices flowing once again and resumed my composing. This is my collection of tracks from my third generation of digital music composition.
1996 - 2001 : PC Tracking
This is the second generation of my composing - after a break from composing I return to the tracking scene; this time using a PC and the next generation of trackers (Scream Tracker, Impluse Tracker and ModPlug Tracker). With the increased processing power and memory capabilities of the PC there's now a marked improvement in the quality of these works - gone are the limitations of 4 channels, 8 bit samples and approximately 300k of available ram!
1991-1996 : Amiga A500 - Protracker
This is my first generation of computer music; composed and produced on an Amiga A500 using Pro-Tracker - the start of the mod scene. Compositions were limited to crude 8 bit samples and 4 channels (2 left, 2 right). The sampler I used introduced some high frequency components which is audible in quite a few of the tracks produced.
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