Pilot Exam

Welcome to the UK Hang Gliding Pilot exam test. This test was originally compiled as preparation for my BHPA Pilot Exam (of which I passed). I now hope it will become a useful resource for many other up and coming pilots. I will be continually adding and revising the exam so check back from time to time.

The test itself comprises of multiple choice and insert the missing word questions and cover Airlaw, Flight Theory & Instrumentation and Meteorology. At the end of the test, you will be awarded with your final mark along with a breakdown of all your answers - including a some tips if you answered the question incorrectly.

The questions in this exam are selected at random from a library of questions, so hopefully, running through the exam again and again will give you different questions - see if you can consistently pass!

There is no time limit and it's completely anonymous, some questions may require the use of a straight edge for measuring lines; this is best done using a sheet of paper and placing the straight edge of it on your screen - you'll know what I mean when you find the respective questions (Polar plots)! Other questions will require you to 'insert' the correct word. To get those questions correct, you need to get every word correct (no half marks!).

Good luck and try to enjoy yourself!

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