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Mount Caburn Highlights
Highlights of my 27 minute flight at Mount Caburn.
15 Oct 2017 : Duration : 00:02:08
An Early Flight
An early flight at the Devil's Dyke with friends. This short video captures the highlights of my 30 minute flight at the Devil's Dyke. I opted for an early flight as the wind was forecast to drop off and I assumed many paragliders would be airborne later in the day. This was my strategy to avoid flying with the crowds. Also, you may notice a new camera on the right upright. This is the SJ4000 and it was set to take a photograph every 20 seconds. It produced some pleasing results! Not bad for a cheap camera!
01 Jul 2017 : Duration : 00:02:34
Devil's Dyke
Finally, my first flight of 2017. This is my video highlights of my 39 minute flight at the Devil's Dyke. It wasn't quite the epic everyone had hoped for, but a lovely day soaring with Buzzards, Kestrels and friends - looking forward to many more days like this to follow!
10 Apr 2017 : Duration : 00:04:32
Devil's Dyke Sled Ride
Not the most memorable of flights - this is a quick 3 minute sled ride at the Devil's Dyke (un-edited).
18 Sep 2016 : Duration : 00:03:08
Caburn Conquered
After many years I finally return to Mount Caburn with my hang glider; drag it to the top of the hill and have a successful flight!
03 Sep 2016 : Duration : 00:04:04
First Day of Spring 2016
A short video edit of my first hang gliding flight on the first day of Spring 2016 at Bo Peep.
20 Mar 2016 : Duration : 00:03:06
To The Clouds and Beyond
My memorable flight at Bo Peep where I finally reached cloud base, had my longest flight to date and completed a small XC. The only negative : the video camera battery didn't catch the most interesting part at the end!
15 Mar 2016 : Duration : 00:04:40
You Don't Fly if you Don't Try
A short sled ride at the Devil's Dyke.
27 Jun 2015 : Duration : 00:03:03