Hang Gliding

My life changed on the 19 March 1999 when my feet left the ground and I began to soar 200 feet above the Devil's Dyke! I remember the huge grin on my face, when, for the first time, my glider floated in the air without being drawn back towards the ground. This was what this sport was about; freedom!

That was my very first soaring flight which marked my qualification as Club Pilot (CPC). The next following years were a little shaky and several times I contemplated dropping out of the sport, but eventually, I found my flying confidence (in part due to gaining my winch endorsement and flying with the Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding Club). Since then, I've gone from strength to strength, gaining my Pilot rating and Aerotow Endorsement. Today the challenges are the British weather and juggling my professional and personal commitments to allow me to fly.

Feel free to explore the following sections to learn more about this fantastic sport and my journey into it:

Dan Hamblin
BHPA Pilot; Hill; Winch; Aerotow

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