The Garden Office

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Introduction : Garden Makeover, Phase 2

Following completion of Phase 1 of the garden overhaul and our mixed experience with NESW Building Services, our confidence to tackle phase 2 with another unknown company was low. Phase 2 would be the construction of a Garden Office. Having had to work from home for many months during Covid-19, the creation of an office space separate from the home for work purposes had become very appealing. Thus our search began...

Our search yielded mixed results. It was evident that the Covid-19 crisis had triggered similar desires across the country with most Garden Office companies being fully booked, or as a result, being prohibitively expensive.

She Shed Design

Site Visit

Having researched potential companies and after disregarding a self-build, we stumbled across Garden Room Space via Facebook. After initial email exchanges, Donovan from Garden Room Space visited us to discuss the build, view the build site and to secure a deposit.

Donovan’s enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism and experience along with the knowledge that they use all their own people [did they?] for the build, convinced us they were the right company and we paid our initial deposit to secure the build date [little did we know at the time, read on...].

Garden Office

Donovan provided a detailed schedule for the build; it looked like the complete build would take around 22 days from start to finish! With 19 October 2020 secured as the start, we'd hopefully be in by mid to late November.


Day 0

Donovan drops off materials ready for the build that is expected to start on Monday...

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