09 Jun 2024
An Experience of Buying a Barratt / David Wilson Homes New Build Property
A wonderful energy efficient new build by Barratt Homes & David Wilson; the new build experience isn't the glossy brochure they depict! Here's our experience…
01 Mar 2024
Mere (The Rifle Range)
Mere (The Rifle Range)
25 Feb 2024
A collection of Point-2-Point puzzles.
05 Jan 2024
Vector Art
Vector Art puzzle collection
19 Dec 2023
White Horse (Westbury)
White Horse Site Guide
17 Mar 2023
Hang Glider Storage
Tips on how to store a hang glider.
22 Aug 2022
Cameras and Mounts

02 Jul 2022
Barry Knows Best

17 Jun 2022
Telegraph Row

17 Jun 2022
Yoghurt Pots

17 Jun 2022
Finally, the planets once again align and I manage my first flight of the year at Firle in East Sussex.
29 May 2022
Summer Lightning (Surrey Hills)
One of the must do bike trails in the Surrey Hills. A signed 4.7km trail that is sure to put a smile on your face!
20 May 2022 | 5km | -426ft |   singletrack;offroad;
Henfield to the Devil's Dyke Loop, via Truleigh Hill
Henfield to the Devil's Dyke Loop via Truleigh Hill is a 30km route with 1,800ft of ascent. It follows the Downs Link and the South Downs Way and rewards the rider with both exhilarating views and some adrenaline generating descents!
07 May 2022 | 30km | 1800ft |   offroad;loop;
Southwater to the Devil's Dyke via Truleigh Hill
Southwater to the Devil's Dyke Loop via Truleigh Hill is a 53km route with 2,368ft of ascent. It follows the Downs Link and the South Downs Way and rewards the rider with both exhilarating views and some adrenaline generating descents!
01 May 2022 | 53km | 2368ft |   offroad;loop;
Southwater, Crabtree, Shermanbury, Knepp Loop
A 39km mix of road and bridleways; winding through the West Sussex countryside. In the wetter months the bridleways can become bogged down, so this route is recommended in the dry seasons. There are plenty of places to stop for refreshments and scenery throughout the route.
30 Apr 2022 | 39km | 1600ft |   offroad;loop;
28 Jan 2022
Symonds Yat Rapids

22 Sep 2021
Hurley Weir

22 Sep 2021
The Adur Play Wave

22 Sep 2021
Hello Fellow Developer
Hidden area in the website, but available to the public.
15 Sep 2021
Firle - The Rough Bits
Diary entry for my 'Rough' flight at Firle in East Sussex, my first flight of 2021!
28 Aug 2021
Interview Crib Sheet
The Interview Crib Sheet is a useful resource to be used for interviewers of mostly software development positions. This resource may also be useful for candidates that need to swot up on material prior to attending an interview.
11 Aug 2021
Experiment 3: Bouncy Balls
This experiment aims to explore basic gravity physics, the centring of Dom elements both horizontally and vertically; accessing size of an SVG that can be dynamically sized, and some simple events where a class instance is required in the event handler. Technologies used: JavaScript (ES6+), Web Components, SVG, HTML5.
07 Aug 2021
JS to Html Conversion
This little utility enables you to paste JavaScript code into a text box and convert into raw Html ready for pasting directly into an Html document. Many of the code examples presented throughout this website use this utility.
04 Aug 2021
Experiment 2: Collision Detection
In preparation for coding some JavaScript games, there is a need for efficient collision detection. This experiment presents solutions for collision detection for use in future experiments for in-browser gaming. This experiment provides working demonstrations, complete with listings, for various techniques explored in this experiment.
31 Jul 2021
Experiment 1: Trace Scroller
A quick programming experiment to create a Web Component with horizontal scrolling traces using SVG using JavaScript (ES6). The code has to be performant as it is likely to be used on low end machines.
30 Jul 2021
Programming Introduction
A little bit about myself, how I found may way into programming, a bit about my career and some of the software applications I had developed over the years.
30 Jul 2021
Strapping (Street Mapping)
What started off as an experiment during a local ride during Covid-19 lockdown turned out to be a surprising way to clock-up some miles!
07 Feb 2021