Welcome to the games section of the MorphFX website. These games were a result of miniature projects that I set myself to learn the various programming languages and techniques involved with each. For the hardened gamers I suggest you click away now as these are only silly games just for a bit of fun (they are getting more sophisticated as I progress).

All of the games 'should' be playable within your browser (please ensure that JavaScript is enabled). Some of the more recent games will require the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. This is a free download from Sun Microsystems.

Blasteroids (Java)
Based on the old arcade classic, this little project was authored with Java using the Net Beans IDE then later using Eclipse. If you intend to play this game in the office I would recommend turning your speakers off!
This was my first attempt at programming in Java!
Pac Person (JavaScript)
This game needs no introduction. Based on the classic 'Pacman' arcade classic, here's my version entirely authored in JavaScript. To view the source code, when in the main game screen, right click the 'score' line and select 'View Source'. The code turned out to be a little more complicated than I first thought (those darn ghosts)
Descent (JavaScript)
This game is more of a classic arcade game. Descent is a vertically scrolling game where you have to manipulate the maze to get the marble to the end. Each level starts off tricky and increasingly becomes more difficult. I've personally made it through level 1 a couple of times and that was after some considerable play, erm, testing.
Push It! (JavaScript)
I've seen several variants of this game over the years. Simply position all of the sphere's, eggs, or whatever you want to call then on a cross (if you can). There's also a level designer if you fancy having a go at designing your own! I promise, each level design is possible and I think Cara's design is probably the most tricky
Memory (JavaScript)
Test your memory with this memory game based the old electronic game, "Simon Says". There are 39 levels of difficulty and a time limit to each. My personal best is level 9 (without writing the sequence down), however I've done much better when cheating!
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