Canoeing and Kayaking

These pages contain a library of information that I've been compiling over the years, which I hope will be an invaluable resource for novice, and advanced paddlers alike. The content of this section is heavily slanted to kayaking activities within the United Kingdom (apologies to any foreign visitors), as this is where I conduct the majority of my canoeing/kayaking.

The canoeing section has been broken into several sub sections (coaching, places to paddle, gallery and links) to aid your navigation throughout this website. Use the navigation tabs at the top of each page to move to a different section or select the index page for a full list of all subjects.

The coaching section contains research material that I've compiled during my journey through the BCU coaching scheme and I recommend a read of this section if you're interest in learning kayaking skills, background information or the theory behind the methods of coaching. This section is constantly being updated and revised so pop back from time to time to catch up on what's new.

The Places to Paddle section has been included to compliment many existing guides already on the Internet and to publicise a few omissions from those guides (the less popular places).

The gallery section contains lots of pictures of my paddling exploits over the years and hopefully may give you, the viewer, a little taste of what this fantastic sport has to offer!