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The Night Rider
An experimental video to see how well the SJ4000 works on the bike at night. Verdict, not too bad - but only when the lights were on full intensity! Exciting to see all the wildlife too!
15 Sep 2021 : Duration : 00:01:40
Barry Knows Best
Video edit of one of my many runs down Barry Knows Best - I often try to keep the bike on the ground as I once jumped in the wrong place and pancaked my front wheel upon landing - I'll save the flying for the hang gliding!
25 Nov 2016 : Duration : 00:01:52
Sedgwick Park to Monks Gate
A fun little down hill on one of my local routes.
23 Oct 2016 : Duration : 00:01:26
Commute To Work
In preparation for filming my hang gliding, I acquire a second-hand Sanyo Xacti hand-held camcorder, attach it to my bike to see if the camera mount is sturdy enough then cycle to work! These were the days before GoPro's and this was one of the first 'Action' cameras available!
14 Mar 2007 : Duration : 00:03:24