Hang Glider Reviews

Reviews of Hang Gliders.

Wills Wing U2:160
I bit the bullet and purchased my very first 'brand-new' glider, the Wills Wing U2 160 - here's my thoughts about this glider!
Reviewed: 6 Feb 2015
Aeros Target 16 Novice Hang Glider
My thoughts on the Aeros Target 16 hang glider, Aeros' glider aimed at novice and recreational pilots.
Reviewed: 4 Feb 2015
Airborne Sting 3:168
A review of AirBorne's Intermediate hang glider, the Sting 3:168.
Reviewed: 22 Aug 2009

Harness Reviews

Reviews of Harnesses.

Aeros Myth 3 Harness
After many years of flying with my original FlyLight harness (my first harness) and with my waistline slowly expanding, I decide it's time for a new harness. Here are my thoughts on the Aeros' Myth 3!
Reviewed: 20 Jun 2015

Hang Gliding Accessories

Reviews of Hang Gliding accessories, including electronic gismos, eye-wear, maps, software etc.

Browning Shooting Glasses

Reviewed: 1 Apr 2016