Hang Gliding Introduction

On 19 March 1999 my life changed forever when I left the ground and began to soar 200 feet above the Devil's Dyke! A huge grin was painted upon my face, when, for the first time, my glider floated in the air without being drawn back towards the ground. I was truly flying and the only thing that hinted of the magic involved, was an aluminium control bar gripped in my hands for the glider itself was cunningly hidden above me. As I looked around I admired the rolling hills of the South Downs below and with childlike excitement, I realised I could float above this landscape in whatever direction I chose. Nothing can describe that liberating feeling I felt, when, for the first time, a childhood dream was realised. I could fly!

A Childhood Dream Realised

That was my very first soaring flight which marked my qualification as a BHPA Club Pilot (CPC). Two more flights followed that day and some 25 years later, the memories are still as vivid as if it were yesterday! The years that followed were a little shaky and several times I contemplated dropping out of the sport, but eventually, I found my flying confidence and gained a number of additional endorsements (qualifications) that have permitted me to launch my glider in the additional disciplines of winch (towing) and aerotowing (towed into the air behind a microlight).

The challenges to flying remain to this day with the most prominent being the British Weather. When commitments permit and the planets are aligned, I will be headed to my favourite flying spot to escape the binds of the ground and to continue my childhood dream of flight.

Flying Over the Southdowns

Over the years I have meticulously kept records of my flights, captured some amazing photographs, video, and made some wonderful friends. Details of which can be found throughout this website. Please feel free to explore the various different sections and say a hello or make a comment below.