Interview Crib Sheet

Over the years I've interviewed many candidates for software positions. It always helps to have a script or a prompt sheet to hand which can be referred to which could avoid any uncomfortable silences during the interview. There are some cases where a record of questions asked during the interview is also needed. Having something that can be marked up or ticked as an interview progresses is ideal!

I really don't like to ad-lib in an interview; although I have had to on some rare occasions when I've been unexpectedly plucked from the corridor; so like to have a prompt sheet to hand. This is why I have developed the interview crib sheet (below).

If you are a candidate or are preparing for an interview, this sheet may also be a good resource to use as a guide on what to swot up on. There are of course some really good resources on the Internet, so I would strongly recommend diversifying and using as many sources as possible.

If you have been interviewed and some odd questions have come up, or there's questions asked that I haven't covered on the Interview Crib Sheet, I'd be very interested in them. Please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page; you never know, I might include on the next iteration of the Interview Crib Sheet!