Summer Lightning (Surrey Hills)


Summer Lightning is a trail that is sure to put a smile on your face. Starting from Leith Hill Tower (which is home to a little café; perfect for Mountain Bikers); Summer Lightning is a signed trail that simply goes on and on. There are a few little climbs that link the different phases of the trail together, but generally its one long downhill run through woodland with a few optional ‘interesting’ bits thrown in, certainly one for the bucket list!

Summer Lightning (Surrey Hills)
It had been well over 5 years since I last rode Summer Lightning; the conditions were far from best following two days of spring showers, and with the wrong tyres on, it was a slippery slide on my hard tail, all the way down Summer Lightning. Great to be back in the Surrey Hills again!
20 May 2022


There are plenty of places to park near the Leith Hill start, but all require the rider to ride up to the Tower. A couple of the car-parks have height restrictions (6ft 2), so be carefuf if you have bikes on-top!

Video highlights of one of my runs down Summer Lightning...

Summer Lightning (Surrey Hills)