Hang Gliding Diary 2003

You are currently viewing my hang gliding diary for 2003. The summary for the year is shown in the table below. For more details on a specific day, please select the respective entry from the list below.

Total Hours0h 30m
Longest Flight0h 25m
Gliders Flown1
Unique Sites Flown1
Best Height Gain288 feet
Total Distance0.0 km
Furthest Flown0.0 km
Total Flights2
Hill Launches2
Winch Launches0
Aerotow Launches0

Summary of flying for Saturday 30 August 2003
Total Hours0h 05m
Best Height Gain72 feet
Total Flights1
Summary of flying for Tuesday 23 September 2003
Total Hours0h 25m
Best Height Gain288 feet
Total Flights1