Site Guide - Plumpton Aerotow

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Southern Hang Gliding Club
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LAT: 50.895671, LONG: -0.085412
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Plumpton is the Southern Aerotow Group’s primary location for Aerotowing and is often the meet point (marker 5 on the map) for aerotowing.


The access road to Plumpton (Streat Bostall) can only be accessed via the B2116 (see markers 1 and 2 on the map). It’s a very narrow steep road marked as private and only members of the Southern Aerotow Group may access it.


Streat Hill farm is a working farm so as to avoid causing obstruction, all cars need to be parked in the aerotow field for the day. Access to the Aerotow Field is primarily through the gate at Marker 3 on the map, or on occasions when this is not permitted, via the gate at marker 4.

Flights From Plumpton Aerotow

TypeDateLaunch TimeGliderSiteDuration (h:m)CommentsHeight Gain (ft)Distance (km)Hours (h:m)
ASun, 18 Jun 201715:30Wills Wing U2 160Plumpton Aerotow00:22Sea breeze well established (S 5-10 mph); tried a tow with 2/3 VG on and knees forward on tow. Much less yaw oscillation and a full tow to release point.2,09491:50
ASun, 18 Jun 201711:45Wills Wing U2 160Plumpton Aerotow00:17South 2-3 mph; Started a yaw oscillation; got it under control a few times before it developed again. Released early when getting out of shape when the tug dived the right. Managed some gentle climbs in thermals and landed ok.1,20091:28
ASun, 08 Jun 201412:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:19First flight since the glider was repaired; using the old harness.1,60070:18
ASat, 08 Sep 201214:30AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:15Full VG; towing much easier-reduced bar pressure.2,10054:11
ASat, 08 Sep 201213:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:152,10053:56
ASun, 22 Jul 201215:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:15SSE-SSW; blue - smooth tow & final glide back to launch.2,30053:41
ASun, 22 Jul 201212:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:20Awful tow; very hard to control glider. Fault with tug found after I landed after early release. Flight maintained in thermal for a short time.1,00053:26
ASat, 20 Aug 201112:30AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:15Just a single tow as wind was increasing and I didn't fancy it on my Sting.2,30048:00
ASat, 19 Mar 201100:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:15Light winds; N (tailwind take-off)2,20042:53
ASat, 19 Mar 201100:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Plumpton Aerotow00:11ESE 5 mph2,00043:04