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Firle - The Rough Bits
It's been quite a while since I last flew the hang glider; the last year can simply be described as crazy times! After almost a year since I last flew, I was grateful to finally get the wing out and into the sky! It certainly wasn't ideal conditions and being very rusty, was probably one the hardest flights I've had in a while, but nevertheless, great to get out again! Here's the highlights of my 30 minute 'rough' flight at Firle in East Sussex, UK. Big thanks to John for getting the nose when that gust came through at the start and great to see a new fledgling pilot on the hill too - we need to see more of them! - Stay Safe, Fly Safe!
28 Aug 2021 : Duration : 00:03:24
Firle Hang Gliding
Highlights of some of the hang gliding at Firle in East Sussex on 30 Aug 2020.
30 Aug 2020 : Duration : 00:03:19
Hang Glider Landings - Chapter 2
A collection of my hang glider landings from 2015-2019 on the Southern Hang Gliding Club's sites.
04 Apr 2020 : Duration : 00:10:39
Clearing the Cobwebs
Video highlights of my two flights at Firle in East Sussex.
07 Sep 2019 : Duration : 00:03:21
Nicos's Video of His Flight at Firle Beacon
This is Nicos' lovely edit of his flight at Firle Beacon. I am the glider that follows his down the ridge and is pretty much below him for the duration of the flight. Video by Nicos.
07 Oct 2018 : Duration : 00:07:22
Lanzarote 2018 Highlights
Video highlights of my hang gliding trip to Lanzarote with South Downs Hang Gliding.
17 Mar 2018 : Duration : 00:05:09
Video highlights of my flight from Famara and the famous Famara Cliffs. Unfortunately the battery on the camera did not last for the entire flight and missed my awful landing which resulted in two damaged uprights but it was worth it, this was a flight like no other that I have had to date!
07 Feb 2018 : Duration : 00:04:00
Dan and Luke
Luke takes Dan on his first paragliding flight at the Devil's Dyke. Video courtesy of Ian White.
09 Dec 2017 : Duration : 00:01:12
Mount Caburn Highlights
Highlights of my 27 minute flight at Mount Caburn.
15 Oct 2017 : Duration : 00:02:08
An Early Flight
An early flight at the Devil's Dyke with friends. This short video captures the highlights of my 30 minute flight at the Devil's Dyke. I opted for an early flight as the wind was forecast to drop off and I assumed many paragliders would be airborne later in the day. This was my strategy to avoid flying with the crowds. Also, you may notice a new camera on the right upright. This is the SJ4000 and it was set to take a photograph every 20 seconds. It produced some pleasing results! Not bad for a cheap camera!
01 Jul 2017 : Duration : 00:02:34
Devil's Dyke
Finally, my first flight of 2017. This is my video highlights of my 39 minute flight at the Devil's Dyke. It wasn't quite the epic everyone had hoped for, but a lovely day soaring with Buzzards, Kestrels and friends - looking forward to many more days like this to follow!
10 Apr 2017 : Duration : 00:04:32
Devil's Dyke Sled Ride
Not the most memorable of flights - this is a quick 3 minute sled ride at the Devil's Dyke (un-edited).
18 Sep 2016 : Duration : 00:03:08
Caburn Conquered
After many years I finally return to Mount Caburn with my hang glider; drag it to the top of the hill and have a successful flight!
03 Sep 2016 : Duration : 00:04:04
First Day of Spring 2016
A short video edit of my first hang gliding flight on the first day of Spring 2016 at Bo Peep.
20 Mar 2016 : Duration : 00:03:06
To The Clouds and Beyond
My memorable flight at Bo Peep where I finally reached cloud base, had my longest flight to date and completed a small XC. The only negative : the video camera battery didn't catch the most interesting part at the end!
15 Mar 2016 : Duration : 00:04:40
You Don't Fly if you Don't Try
A short sled ride at the Devil's Dyke.
27 Jun 2015 : Duration : 00:03:03
A Short Trip Over the Back
Highlights of my 33 minute flight at the Devil's Dyke on my new U2 160. I eventually hook into a thermal and climb to 1100ft above take-off.
25 May 2015 : Duration : 00:05:01
Hard Going at the Devil's Dyke
An afternoon flying at the Devil's Dyke on my Wills Wing U2 160 in a rough north westerly. I eventually manage to work my way down the ridge to Truleigh then return back to the Devil's Dyke for an easy top landing (although some walkers could have made that more interesting!).
24 Jan 2015 : Duration : 00:04:40
Landings 2010 to 2014
A collection of my hang glider landings from 2010 to 2014.
17 Jan 2015 : Duration : 00:13:53
Return to Flight
My first flight since the crash and the repairs to my glider - a complete baptism of fire as my first flight since the repair is an aerotow at Plumpton!
08 Jun 2014 : Duration : 00:02:52
My Hang Gliding Crash
It had to happen one day - I crash my hang glider. Unfortunately, the impact was so hard the video stopped and didn't capture the actual crash but I was fortunate to be able to walk away and the glider was repairable!
23 Mar 2014 : Duration : 00:04:16
Hang Gliding at the Devils Dyke
An enjoyable flight in light winds at the Devil's Dyke. Still adjusting to the new harness, I'm over cautious and fly away from traffic (and the lift) and head to the bottom landing field. I almost completely fluff a bottom landing as I'm still struggling to get on the up-rights!
16 Mar 2014 : Duration : 00:05:24
An Ugly Landing
While still getting used to my new harness, I bottom land at the Devils Dyke and am not quite prepared for the wind to be so far off to the west!
15 Mar 2014 : Duration : 00:05:24
Hang Gliding the Accident on Right This Minute
My YouTube started trending and came to the attention of Right This Minute. This is what was broadcast on Right This Minute in the USA.
24 Jan 2014 : Duration : 00:02:50
The Myth Debut
My first flight in the Aeros Myth 3 Harness and probably my longest flight to date.
30 Nov 2013 : Duration : 00:03:07
Firle Flying in the Rain
A couple of not so good flights at Firle. The second flight was cut short when it began to rain! The video reveals a little problem I was having with my harness which I failed to rectify on my second flight.
24 Nov 2013 : Duration : 00:02:41
Flying at Firle
Some lovely flying at Firle in East Sussex and some November thermals added in for some excitement.
23 Nov 2013 : Duration : 00:04:22
The Accident
A potentially serious accident observed from my keel camera. This video edit tells of my personal experience from the moment I knew something was wrong to the point when I decided that I had to land and provide first response. The pilot involved has consented to me publishing this video.
29 Sep 2013 : Duration : 00:04:49
Two Flights at Swanborough
One of my personal favourite videos. Highlights of my two flights at Swanborough and that pilot swooping at the start has to be Luke on an Aeros Target.
27 Sep 2013 : Duration : 00:03:21
Take-off and Sunset at the Devil's Dyke
Nicos films my take-off at the Devil's Dyke as a catch a sneak flight after work. After landing I'm rewarded with a fantastic sunset.
10 Sep 2013 : Duration : 00:00:31
Highlight of my flight at Firle on the 31 Aug 2013 to the melodies of the Art of Noise; Moments in Love.
31 Aug 2013 : Duration : 00:01:56
A Prolonged Top to Bottom
An extended flight at the Devil's Dyke. After take-off I connect with a thermal and John McB. can be seen just below flying his Sting. By some fluke I'm able to stay aloft for 18 minutes before conceding and heading to the bottom landing field.
01 Jun 2013 : Duration : 00:02:19
Truleigh and Traffic

31 May 2013 : Duration : 00:06:18
A Day of Two Halves
A quick video summary chasing the wind from Firle to the Devil's dyke.
25 May 2013 : Duration : 00:02:28
Stormy Skies Over the Devil's Dyke
After resisting pressure to launch before the storm, my glider gets a good wash in the rain before the storm clears and I embark on a top to bottom. Miles then follows on his paraglider and rewards Nicos and myself with a classic landing!
23 May 2013 : Duration : 00:01:01
Windy Winching And A Little XC
A short summary of both of my flights with the Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding Club. My first flight ends with an interesting landing approach and my second I embark on a very short XC.
12 May 2013 : Duration : 00:03:33
The Fifty Fifty Bridle

02 May 2013 : Duration : 00:03:11
Scratchy Downwind Uphill Landing
After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the wind to come on to the hill, I take-off and quickly realise it's going to be a challenge to stay up. What followed was an uphill downwind landing as I try my best not to land in the crop and deal with the wind now coming more from the South.
20 Apr 2013 : Duration : 00:02:07
Highlights of my cold hour long flight at Swanborough.
29 Mar 2013 : Duration : 00:01:45
The Shadow Beneath Me

11 Nov 2012 : Duration : 00:01:26
A Grand Day Out
My soaring at the Devil's Dyke on the 29th September 2012. After beating back and forth along the ridge I connect with a thermal and take it up to 1400ft above take-off.
29 Sep 2012 : Duration : 00:07:21
The Truleigh Run

22 May 2012 : Duration : 00:05:54
Hang Gliding at Swanborough, East Sussex
Hang Gliding at Swanborough with South Downs Hang Gliding.
14 Apr 2012 : Duration : 00:06:49
XC Day
Highlights of my second XC flight in Suffolk, a 13.4km downwind glider from Mendlesham airfield!
21 May 2011 : Duration : 00:06:51
The Devil's Dyke
Highlights of Dan's hang gliding flight over the Devil's Dyke.
14 May 2011 : Duration : 00:01:25
Hang Gliding at Firle
Hang Gliding at Firle on the 25 April 2011. Take-off's, Landings and some flying in between!
25 Apr 2011 : Duration : 00:05:32
Tow Training Flight
Jim starting his tow endorsement at Mendlesham, Suffolk.
23 Apr 2011 : Duration : 00:00:59
An Amazing Day
An Aerotow Flight from Streat Hill Farm on the South Downs, taking me to 2,000 ft above the South Downs.
19 Mar 2011 : Duration : 00:04:20
Hang Gliding Lock-Out
A pilot locks out during aerotow training with the Southern Aerotow Group.
19 Mar 2011 : Duration : 00:01:38
Soaring Above Bo Peep
Highlights of my soaring flight at Bo Peep.
05 Mar 2011 : Duration : 00:01:33
Fun in the Mud

12 Feb 2011 : Duration : 00:03:50
Devils Dyke
Video highlights of my marred flight at the Devil's Dyke that ended with a bit of a bump (and some snapped aluminium). Unfortunately, the battery on the Sanyo Xacti video camera let me down and didn't capture my landing/crash. Still, any landing that you can walk away from is said to be a good one - and I walked away without a scratch - I was just a little gutted for having made such a stupid mistake by landing downwind of the earthworks - of course there was going to be rotor there!!!
25 Sep 2010 : Duration : 00:04:00
Bryncaws - SW Wales
Personal video log of my short soaring flight at Bryncaws, South West Wales - in between all the rain showers!
04 Sep 2010 : Duration : 00:07:05
Summer Competition
This video captures the fun and games at the Mendlesham Summer Flying Competition at Mendlesham airfield. Laughs had all around any no-one hurt, just one or two bent gliders!
03 Jul 2010 : Duration : 00:12:34
Personal Video Log
This video captures most of my flights of the day during the club competition. I didn't managed to get away and I didn't really connect with any lift, so these are simple tows up and glides back down again!
03 Jul 2010 : Duration : 00:04:24
The Long Mynd
Highlights of my first flight from the Long Mynd.
15 May 2010 : Duration : 00:09:07
First Steps Into the Sky
After finding some old footage of hang glider tether flights at Bo Peep with South Downs Hang Gliding, I make this short video showing some students experiencing their first steps into the sky!
12 Sep 2009 : Duration : 00:02:56
Boot Camp Day One
One of my flights during the Boot Camp event at Metfield Airfield in Norfolk.
09 May 2009 : Duration : 00:05:33
Mendlesham Winch Launch
One of my winch launches on an Aeros Target and Mendlesham in Suffolk.
05 Apr 2009 : Duration : 00:00:14
Perfect Landing
After being winched, I perform a rare perfect landing on my Aeros Target. Filmed at Mendlesham in Suffolk.
05 Apr 2009 : Duration : 00:00:06
Mendlesham Launches and Landings
A collection of short-clips of the launches and landings at the Suffolk Hang Gliding Club's Mendlesham tow field.
05 Apr 2009 : Duration : 00:02:19
A Busy Day at the Devils Dyke
A busy day flying my Aeros Target amongst paragliders at the Devils Dyke. I have a near miss with a paraglider and end up bottom landing, concluding any more flying for the day!
12 Nov 2008 : Duration : 00:04:07
Bonus Clips
A collection of hang gliding video clips to the music of 'Boys of the Summer' by D.J. Sammy,
21 Oct 2008 : Duration : 00:04:57
A Rough Day at the Devils Dyke
A pretty quiet day at the Devils Dyke. I'm one of the first to launch and the early part of the flight I hit a few rough spots of air. Eventually the lift drops off and I end up in the bottom landing field.
16 Oct 2008 : Duration : 00:06:48
Scratching at Bo Peep

25 Sep 2008 : Duration : 00:04:19
Devils Dyke
Quick video from the Devil's Dyke bottom landing field of the paragliders flying above.
16 Jul 2008 : Duration : 00:01:05
Hang Gliding at the Devil's Dyke
Not one of my videos, but someone filmed me launching my hang glider at the Devil's Dyke and posted this on YouTube.
08 Jul 2008 : Duration : 00:03:33
Two Point Tow System
Short video demonstrating the use of a two-point tow system on a hang glider being winch towed.
15 Mar 2008 : Duration : 00:00:22
Bo Peep Highlights
A very short film showing my take-off at Bo Peep and first initial beats along the ridge. Unfortunately I fiddle with the camera and switch it off mid-flight (note for the future, don't fiddle!).
28 Apr 2007 : Duration : 00:01:29
Too Windy For Me
One of my very first hang gliding videos. After deciding the conditions were too windy for myself, I point my tripod mounted video camera to the skies and film the flying activities of the day.
09 Apr 2005 : Duration : 00:03:18