Experiment 1: Trace Scroller
A quick programming experiment to create a Web Component with horizontal scrolling traces using SVG using JavaScript (ES6). The code has to be performant as it is likely to be used on low end machines.
30 Jul 2021
Experiment 2: Collision Detection
In preparation for coding some JavaScript games, there is a need for efficient collision detection. This experiment presents solutions for collision detection for use in future experiments for in-browser gaming. This experiment provides working demonstrations, complete with listings, for various techniques explored in this experiment.
31 Jul 2021
Experiment 3: Bouncy Balls
This experiment aims to explore basic gravity physics, the centring of Dom elements both horizontally and vertically; accessing size of an SVG that can be dynamically sized, and some simple events where a class instance is required in the event handler. Technologies used: JavaScript (ES6+), Web Components, SVG, HTML5.
07 Aug 2021