Strapping (Street Mapping)

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During the Covid-19 lockdown, I considered it appropriate to remain local for my morning bike ride [I often venture some considerable distances]. After a couple of monotonous loops of a local circuit commonly known as the Lollipop, an idea popped into my head; Street Mapping [or Strapping as I'm now going to refer to it]. The idea involves mapping all my local streets by cycling around them and recording my route on an App like Strava.

The rules:

So with the idea firmly planted in my head, and after my warm up, I deviated from my planned route and began to Strap!

Apart from some obvious strange looks from people as I ventured into cul-de-sacs, looped around and set off down the next one, it turned out to be an interesting way to explore my local village and clock up some miles. As I record my rides on Strava, it also made for a very interesting picture...

Strapping (Street Mapping)

If you’re new to cycling, not confident, or fear what to do if you have a puncture; this could be a really good little motivator to get out and about while maintaining safe proximity to home!

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