Strapping (Street Mapping)

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So, with the idea established, I began to Strap - a term I've used for a single Street Mapping session. Below are my 'Straps' that I've completed so far!

Southwater Full
My full Strapping Route around Southwater. Temperature was -2°C and Strava reported it felt like -10°C; either way, it was darn cold. It took just over 4 hours to do the entire 45.2 mile route and only after I got home, I realized I'd missed one tiny little road - see if you can spot it! Darn it!
13 Feb 2021
Southwater Lollipop Street Mapping
Is this a new craze, Street Mapping or Stra'pping. Here's my first first strap, a spontatnous idea while riding local during Covid-19 Lockdown.
07 Feb 2021