Summary of flying for Tuesday 9 November 1999
Total Hours0h 25m
Best Height Gain300 feet
Total Flights1

With my confidence dwindling but still eager to fly, I selected a day that probably wasn't ideal for someone with my low hours and experience. I arrived at the Devil's Dyke and the wind was strong and also gusty at times. I had booked time off work to fly so was motivated to get into the air. Ignoring my gut feel for what I perceived as border-line conditions, I rigged my Calypso, checked it over and launched.

I had difficulting penetrating forward and at times, the air was uncomfortably rough. I had remembered that phrase, "You're better off being on the ground wishing you were up there rather than being up there wishing you were on the ground!". Those words seemed apt as I was kicked around the sky which made for a less than enjoyable flight!

I maxed out at no more than 300 feet above take-off and after I bumped into one last lump of air that caused me to make an involuntary turn towards the hill, I decided to retreat to the safety of the bottom landing field. I touched down in a manner; my right wind was lifted as I began to flare which sent me running in a wild circle trying to control and slow the glider!

Safely landed and with no bent aluminium; just some dirt on my nose cone, I left my glider in the bottom landing field and climbed the Dyke to recover my car. After which, I returned to collect my glider and returned home.

Flying Log(s)

TypeHill Launch
DateTue, 09 Nov 1999 - 00:00
GliderAirwave Calypso
SiteDevil's Dyke
Duration00h 25m
CommentsStrong north (15-20mph), gusty, bit rough, got worse, bottom landed.
Height Gain300 ft
Total Hours01h 53m

Total Flying Statistics

The total flying statistics up to and including 09 Nov 1999:

Total Hours1h 53m
Longest Flight0h 30m
Gliders Flown2
Unique Sites Flown6
Best Height Gain300 feet
Total Distance0.0 km
Furthest Flown0.0 km
Total Flights10
Hill Launches10
Winch Launches0
Aerotow Launches0