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Scratching at Bo Peep

25 Sep 2008 : Duration : 00:04:19
Devils Dyke
Quick video from the Devil's Dyke bottom landing field of the paragliders flying above.
16 Jul 2008 : Duration : 00:01:05
Hang Gliding at the Devil's Dyke
Not one of my videos, but someone filmed me launching my hang glider at the Devil's Dyke and posted this on YouTube.
08 Jul 2008 : Duration : 00:03:33
Two Point Tow System
Short video demonstrating the use of a two-point tow system on a hang glider being winch towed.
15 Mar 2008 : Duration : 00:00:22
Bo Peep Highlights
A very short film showing my take-off at Bo Peep and first initial beats along the ridge. Unfortunately I fiddle with the camera and switch it off mid-flight (note for the future, don't fiddle!).
28 Apr 2007 : Duration : 00:01:29
Too Windy For Me
One of my very first hang gliding videos. After deciding the conditions were too windy for myself, I point my tripod mounted video camera to the skies and film the flying activities of the day.
09 Apr 2005 : Duration : 00:03:18