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Truleigh and Traffic

31 May 2013 : Duration : 00:06:18
A Day of Two Halves
A quick video summary chasing the wind from Firle to the Devil's dyke.
25 May 2013 : Duration : 00:02:28
Stormy Skies Over the Devil's Dyke
After resisting pressure to launch before the storm, my glider gets a good wash in the rain before the storm clears and I embark on a top to bottom. Miles then follows on his paraglider and rewards Nicos and myself with a classic landing!
23 May 2013 : Duration : 00:01:01
Windy Winching And A Little XC
A short summary of both of my flights with the Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding Club. My first flight ends with an interesting landing approach and my second I embark on a very short XC.
12 May 2013 : Duration : 00:03:33
The Fifty Fifty Bridle

02 May 2013 : Duration : 00:03:11
Scratchy Downwind Uphill Landing
After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the wind to come on to the hill, I take-off and quickly realise it's going to be a challenge to stay up. What followed was an uphill downwind landing as I try my best not to land in the crop and deal with the wind now coming more from the South.
20 Apr 2013 : Duration : 00:02:07
Highlights of my cold hour long flight at Swanborough.
29 Mar 2013 : Duration : 00:01:45
The Shadow Beneath Me

11 Nov 2012 : Duration : 00:01:26