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The Myth Debut
My first flight in the Aeros Myth 3 Harness and probably my longest flight to date.
30 Nov 2013 : Duration : 00:03:07
Firle Flying in the Rain
A couple of not so good flights at Firle. The second flight was cut short when it began to rain! The video reveals a little problem I was having with my harness which I failed to rectify on my second flight.
24 Nov 2013 : Duration : 00:02:41
Flying at Firle
Some lovely flying at Firle in East Sussex and some November thermals added in for some excitement.
23 Nov 2013 : Duration : 00:04:22
The Accident
A potentially serious accident observed from my keel camera. This video edit tells of my personal experience from the moment I knew something was wrong to the point when I decided that I had to land and provide first response. The pilot involved has consented to me publishing this video.
29 Sep 2013 : Duration : 00:04:49
Two Flights at Swanborough
One of my personal favourite videos. Highlights of my two flights at Swanborough and that pilot swooping at the start has to be Luke on an Aeros Target.
27 Sep 2013 : Duration : 00:03:21
Take-off and Sunset at the Devil's Dyke
Nicos films my take-off at the Devil's Dyke as a catch a sneak flight after work. After landing I'm rewarded with a fantastic sunset.
10 Sep 2013 : Duration : 00:00:31
Highlight of my flight at Firle on the 31 Aug 2013 to the melodies of the Art of Noise; Moments in Love.
31 Aug 2013 : Duration : 00:01:56
A Prolonged Top to Bottom
An extended flight at the Devil's Dyke. After take-off I connect with a thermal and John McB. can be seen just below flying his Sting. By some fluke I'm able to stay aloft for 18 minutes before conceding and heading to the bottom landing field.
01 Jun 2013 : Duration : 00:02:19