Flight Logbook

TypeDateLaunch TimeGliderSiteDuration (h:m)CommentsHeight Gain (ft)Distance (km)Hours (h:m)
TSat, 05 Sep 200911:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Stonham Barns00:07Difficult conditions for day 1 of the spot competition80027:17
HSat, 29 Aug 200915:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Woolacombe01:15Top landed91827:10
TSat, 22 Aug 200914:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Mickfield Hall00:0695025:55
TSat, 22 Aug 200913:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Mickfield Hall00:0690025:49
TSat, 22 Aug 200912:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Mickfield Hall00:0790025:43
TSat, 22 Aug 200911:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Mickfield Hall00:0895525:36
TSat, 25 Jul 200917:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:302,508725:28
TSat, 25 Jul 200916:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:019024:58
TSat, 25 Jul 200915:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0795024:57
TSat, 25 Jul 200914:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0692524:50
TSat, 25 Jul 200913:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0592524:44
TSat, 25 Jul 200912:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0689224:39
TSat, 25 Jul 200911:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0786824:33
HWed, 08 Jul 200900:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:4052424:26
TSat, 04 Jul 200917:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0482023:46
TSat, 04 Jul 200916:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0480023:42
TSat, 04 Jul 200915:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0475023:38
TSat, 04 Jul 200914:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0360023:34
TSat, 04 Jul 200913:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0340023:31
TSat, 04 Jul 200912:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0340023:28
TSat, 04 Jul 200911:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0110023:25
HThu, 25 Jun 200900:00Aeros Target 16Corton00:01023:24
TSun, 10 May 200916:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:07First flight of the day, maintained for a short while then landed.67223:23
TSun, 10 May 200914:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:07Wind picking up, great height gain, a few small whiffs of lift.90823:16
TSun, 10 May 200913:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:05Few thermals which I played in for a short while, landing 12 steps from spot.76423:09
TSun, 10 May 200912:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:20Weak link broke at 400ft, possibly due to large thermal that I floated around in making a height gain to 649 in the end.64923:04
TSun, 10 May 200911:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0467222:44
TSat, 09 May 200915:00Aeros Target 16Metfield00:0358022:40
TSat, 09 May 200914:00Aeros Target 16Metfield00:0561322:37
TSat, 09 May 200913:00Aeros Target 16Metfield00:0367922:32
TSat, 09 May 200912:00Aeros Target 16Metfield00:04Landed in crop (not very deep), most people were doing this to avoid the rotor from a lump of earth.63922:29
TSat, 09 May 200911:00Aeros Target 16Metfield00:04Great landing 7 steps from spot.60022:25
TSun, 05 Apr 200914:30Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0580022:21
TSun, 05 Apr 200914:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0560022:16
TSun, 05 Apr 200913:20Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0450022:11
TSun, 05 Apr 200912:20Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0345022:07
TSun, 05 Apr 200911:50Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0340022:04
TSun, 05 Apr 200911:15Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:0230022:01
TSun, 15 Mar 200912:20Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:03More cross wind49021:59
TSun, 15 Mar 200911:40Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:03More cross wind50021:56
TSun, 15 Mar 200911:10Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:042nd attempt, thermic, bumpy ride up on tow, float down pretty smooth.58021:53
TSun, 15 Mar 200911:00Aeros Target 16Mendlesham00:01First tow in a long time, double released, good landing.7021:49
HSun, 22 Feb 200900:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:10Light, paragliders, good bottom landing.5221:48
HSat, 07 Feb 200900:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:42Great flight, top landed in the paddock with no problem!26021:38
HTue, 09 Dec 200800:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:09Arrived and no-one else there. Walked to Truleigh and watched a kestrel. Came back to launch to see Nick. Cloud was low, felt very strong. Nick launched, then shortly later I did. It was very rough, so I stayed away from the hill. Ended up bottom landing and am please to report that landing was perfect (no bent aluminium this time).020:56
HSat, 06 Dec 200812:30Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:22Took off from the bowl (where I landed previously). Conditions dropped off more, ended up bottom landing (Flared too early, landed heavily bending my first upright slightly). Home for a new one.9820:47
HSat, 06 Dec 200810:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:35Took off from paddock. Soared main ridge, crossed Pylons topping height up when I could. Almost got to Truleigh, but decided not because there were many paragliders at that end. Came back to the Dyke, belly top-landed in a cowpat.10820:25
HWed, 12 Nov 200815:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:12Almost same as previous flight, good bottom landing, but busy with paragliders.3619:50
HWed, 12 Nov 200811:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:13(Video) very busy with paragliders, hard to stay up, had to do emergency manoeuvres to avoid a paraglider. Bottom landed.3919:38
HThu, 16 Oct 200800:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke01:05Wave like wind. Strong then weak.21619:25