Flight Logbook

TypeDateLaunch TimeGliderSiteDuration (h:m)CommentsHeight Gain (ft)Distance (km)Hours (h:m)
HSun, 12 Mar 200011:00Airwave CalypsoDevil's Dyke00:03NW,NNW light. Very crowded with paragliders!002:46
HWed, 29 Dec 199914:00Airwave CalypsoDevil's Dyke00:10NNW (10mph) maintained for a while then bottom landed.002:43
HWed, 29 Dec 199912:00Airwave CalypsoDevil's Dyke00:25NNW (15-20mph) first top landing!30002:33
HSun, 19 Dec 199911:00Airwave CalypsoDevil's Dyke00:15North, very cold, snow on ground, cleared ice from wings, bottom landed again!10002:08
HTue, 09 Nov 199900:00Airwave CalypsoDevil's Dyke00:25Strong north (15-20mph), gusty, bit rough, got worse, bottom landed.30001:53
HSat, 11 Sep 199900:00Airwave CalypsoRifle Range (Mere)00:10Southerly wind, some lift, but flew straight out of it and hence another bottom landing.001:28
HSat, 21 Aug 199912:00Airwave CalypsoSwanborough00:03NE wind, minimal lift, top to bottom (with J. Barratt).001:18
HMon, 12 Jul 199911:00Airwave CalypsoBo Peep00:05NE Wind, minimal lift - simple top to bottom flight.001:15
HFri, 19 Mar 199917:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:15Moderate NNW winds, CPC soaring qualifying flights30001:10
HFri, 19 Mar 199914:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:20Moderate NNW winds, CPC soaring qualifying flights30000:55
HFri, 19 Mar 199912:00Aeros Target 16Devil's Dyke00:30Moderate NNW winds, CPC soaring qualifying flights30000:35
HTue, 09 Mar 199913:00Aeros Target 16Mount Caburn00:02Southerly winds, top to bottom000:05
HTue, 09 Mar 199912:00Aeros Target 16Mount Caburn00:02Southerly winds, top to bottom000:03
HTue, 09 Mar 199911:00Aeros Target 16Beddingham00:01Light northerly winds - top to bottom with 90deg turns.000:01