Site Guide - Bo Peep

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Southern Hang Gliding Club
625 ft
LAT: 50.82493, LONG: 0.12196


Bo Peep is a realatively small north east facing ridge in East Sussex, 4 miles south east of the town of Lewes.

First Day of Spring 2016
First Day of Spring 2016
Bo Peep from the air looking back towards the launch, quarry and Firle Beacon.
20 Mar 2016

Flights From Bo Peep

TypeDateLaunch TimeGliderSiteDuration (h:m)CommentsHeight Gain (ft)Distance (km)Hours (h:m)
HSun, 20 Mar 201613:05Wills Wing U2 160Bo Peep01:01Back at Bo Peep - a little windy to start off with. Flew to Firle Beacon but didn't really climb. Paraglider's bowl worked best. Thermic day concluded with an easy top landing.1,0235.883:27
HTue, 15 Mar 201612:30Wills Wing U2 160Bo Peep01:46First flight in a long while. Take-off was a little rough, clouds thickened during flight. Some rough thermals. Made cloud base and got sucked up for a very short period. Flew out front and landed next to the A27. Ian White came to retrieve me!7202.582:26
HSat, 26 Sep 201515:30Wills Wing U2 160Bo Peep00:15Rough take-off. Chest buckle and harness zip popped open in flight so had to do an emergency bottom landing.25080:40
HSun, 19 Apr 201512:55Wills Wing U2 160Bo Peep01:00Windy and thermic day at Bo Peep. NE 15-20mph; ridge lift not very effective but good thermals. Cloud base 4000ft climbing to 5000ft. Did a poop top landing in the main bowl area.2,26078:04
OSun, 15 Jun 201400:00Other Bo PeepI didn't get my mind into the right place today, so assisted and watched others and opted not to fly.070:38
HSat, 14 Jun 201415:20AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep00:20Took off in strong winds which quickly dissipated. Tried to scratch back up for a top landing but ended up in the crop at the bottom.15070:38
HFri, 01 Mar 201315:15AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep01:00Difficult conditions on take-off - 15-20 mph NE, waited for lull then launched. Wind increased and reports that it was gusting to 36 mph on launch. Decided on bottom landing for safety.80056:25
HSat, 31 Mar 201211:30AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep01:20Went to Firle first, but Bo Peep was the place to be. Rough low down, but pretty easy to get high. Wind increasing so landed at the top of the Bo Peep site and kited the glider back to launch.1,40050:31
HFri, 29 Apr 201112:30AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep00:1710-15 mph, scratchy with thermals and holes; almost caught the fence on take-off!045:03
HFri, 29 Apr 201111:30AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep00:2210-15 mph, scratchy with thermals and holes - had almost the entire ridge to myself.044:46
HSat, 05 Mar 201100:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep01:15ENE; 15-20 mph, broken thermals67542:38
HSat, 06 Feb 201012:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep00:25Flew with 5 hang gliders and 6-8 paragliders. Weak lift, again scratched another top landing.20630:17
HSat, 06 Feb 201011:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep00:25Flew with 4 hang gliders. Scratched in for a top landing21629:52
HSun, 13 Sep 200900:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Bo Peep00:05Horrible for flying, high pressure, air not wanting to lift very bumpy air. Bottom landed for safety.027:38
HThu, 25 Sep 200814:00Aeros Target 16Bo Peep00:09Lighter conditions, a few paragliders and hang gliders. Ended up flying too far out and got too low so opted for a safe landing in a big field! - See video!13418:05
HThu, 25 Sep 200811:00Aeros Target 16Bo Peep00:37Just me and a model glider. Great self launch, great flight then a big black cloud came along and I didn't see the signs so had to bottom land.35117:56
HSat, 28 Apr 200700:00Aeros Target 16Bo Peep00:45Strong wind, solo launched, mostly ridge lift with broken thermals passing through, bottom landed in crop some distance away.20016:38
HSun, 26 Jun 200500:00Aeros Target 16Bo Peep00:45Quite strong wind, thermic but unable to make good use of it. Top landed heading sideways as I came in!42312:35
HFri, 08 Oct 200414:00Aeros Target 16Bo Peep00:30Wind increased, landed at the top in the bowl area.34411:50
HFri, 08 Oct 200411:00Aeros Target 16Bo Peep00:10Took off in light wind and landed perfectly at the bottom.1611:20
HSat, 04 May 200200:00Airwave CalypsoBo Peep00:15On/Off; bumpy take-off, height gain came from thermals - bottom landed.8809:25
HSat, 13 Apr 200200:00Airwave CalypsoBo Peep00:02Weak NE, Rigged - wind dropped off, did a quick top to bottom009:10
HMon, 12 Jul 199911:00Airwave CalypsoBo Peep00:05NE Wind, minimal lift - simple top to bottom flight.001:15