Site Guide - Mount Caburn

5500ft + 4500ft just to the North
Airspace information is provided for guidance only - please verify using current charts before flying site.
Southern Hang Gliding Club
0 ft
LAT: 50.8609, LONG: 0.05107


You must be a current member of the Southern Hang Gliding Club to fly Mount Caburn.

Mount Caburn is predominately flown solely by paraglider pilots due to there being no vehicle access to the top to easily get hang gliders up there. Hang Gliders and equipment need to be walked from the dedicated car park at the bottom of the hill (gated field with a combination padlock), up the face of Mount Caburn to the summit and respective launch point. It's important that people stick to the clear path running from the bottom of the hill to the top. Deviation from this path is strictly not permitted.

Mount Caburn itself comprises of domed shaped top with two small bowls to the west of this and can be soared in strong to moderate sw winds. During the summer months, sea air can work inland quite quickly and make the air over Caburn rough. The site is relatively small, but in the correct wind direction and strength, can be safely shared by a number of Hang Gliders; although I personally would not fly there when it's being shared with hang gliders and paragliders!

Some of the local schools also use this site for training purposes.

Caburn Conquered
After many years I finally return to Mount Caburn with my hang glider; drag it to the top of the hill and have a successful flight!


Saturday 3 Sep 2016

Top Landing

Top landings are available either directly on the dome, or just behind the bowls to the west. There is a barbed wire fence running along the back so hang glider pilots need to be aware of this and it's recommended not to fly behind these fences as it's possible to get pinned. Most, if not all, prefer to bottom land as this saves a long haul back down the hill.

Bottom Landing

Anywhere in the large field south of the lane (avoiding the various hazards mentioned below). The wind at the bottom typically follows the edge of the hill, so it's quite common to take off in a south westerly at the top and to land in a westerly at the bottom! Do not approach or fly over the cottages (there are strict club rules forbidding this) and avoid flying over the parking area. There is a landing spot etched in the grass for those wanting to perfect their spot landing skills!


For top landings be aware of the steep wind gradient and barbed wire fence that runs along the back of the field and the dome of Mount Caburn.

In the bottom landing field be aware of the river, railway and drainage ditches. The pole mounted power cables that once ran across the field have been removed! Be aware of rotor kicking off from the lump that forms the car parking area. If approaching downwind of this, expect some bumps!


It's very rare for a site to have its own dedicated private parking; but Mount Caburn does! Car parking is available in the field directly opposite the path to take-off (south of the lane). There is combination padlock on gate to this field. The gate must be kept locked at all times. The padlock combination is available to members of the Southern Hang Gliding Club only. Strictly no parking in the lane itself!


There are a series of cottages at the foot of Mount Caburn; there are strict rules about not overflying them this is a sensitive issue so all pilots need to be aware of this and not set-up bottom landing approaches that will bring them into conflict with these rules!

Flights From Mount Caburn

TypeDateLaunch TimeGliderSiteDuration (h:m)CommentsHeight Gain (ft)Distance (km)Hours (h:m)
HSun, 15 Oct 201712:30Wills Wing U2 160Mount Caburn00:2710-15 mph; SSW, Overcast with weak thermals. Sun broke through towards end of flight. I wasn't really in the mood for flying today, but when my glider was dragged half way up Mount Caburn by a fellow pilot I felt compelled to fly it. Not a great flight, but great to be back in the air after my previous accident.20092:48
HSat, 03 Sep 201612:30Wills Wing U2 160Mount Caburn00:38Windy on top of Caburn as the sea air started mixing. SSW-SW 20-25 mph (gusty). Rough on landing approach - need to get hands on uprights much earlier!35086:12
HTue, 09 Mar 199913:00Aeros Target 16Mount Caburn00:02Southerly winds, top to bottom000:05
HTue, 09 Mar 199912:00Aeros Target 16Mount Caburn00:02Southerly winds, top to bottom000:03