Flying the Flatlands
Published in SkyWings October 2009 - This article describes my first year flying with the Suffolk Coastal Floaters Hang Gliding Club. It was initially published in the Southern Hang Gliding Club's Windsock magazine, but after members of the Suffolk Club learned of it I was encouraged to submit it to the BHPA's SkyWings magazine. In October 2009 it was published.
01 Oct 2009
Thermalling Etiquette
A collection of useful information on Thermalling Etiquette gathered from various forums.
31 Mar 2016
Lift (The Coanda Explanation)
A short article describing how lift is generated using the Coanda explanation.
06 Oct 2016
Packing for Air Transport
In February 2018, I travelled to Lanzarote from England's Gatwick Airport, taking my relatively new Wills Wing U2 160 with me, in doing so; I packed my glider using many of the tips and experiences of others as a reference. Fortunately, my glider survived the trip there and back so I wrote this guide as a reference for others.
15 Feb 2018
An article discussing karabiners and their use on hang gliders along with some useful tips to ensure the karabiner remains orientated in their strongest position when ground handling the glider.
05 Oct 2019