Hang Gliding Diary

U2 Service

I haven't had nowhere as much use of my U2 as I'd have liked so wasn't really over concerned about delaying the side wire replacement beyond the 12 months as recommended by Wills Wing. I'm also confident in my own ability to check over and service my own glider, but feel you can't beat a pair of independent eyes as a double check and I can't think of a better pair than those of John Barratt from South Downs Hang Gliding.

As expected the glider was returned from John with a glowing report and a set of new shiney side wires fitted (as supplied from Phippsy from Cloud9 Hang Gliding and Paragliding).

Stats Since Last Service

Statistics on the glider since it's purchase/last service (5 Dec 2014 to 11 Oct 2016):

Total Hours :
13h 25m
Longest Flight :
1h 46m
Glider Models Flown :
Sites Flown :
Best Height Gain :
2,260 feet
Total Distance :
16.5 km
Max Distance :
5.8 km
Total Flights :
Hill Launches :
Winch Launches :
Aerotow Launches :