Site Guide - Firle

Airspace information is provided for guidance only - please verify using current charts before flying site.
Southern Hang Gliding Club
575 ft
LAT: 50.83435, LONG: 0.08514

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Flights From Firle

TypeDateLaunch TimeGliderSiteDuration (h:m)CommentsHeight Gain (ft)Distance (km)Hours (h:m)
HSun, 29 May 202211:30Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:28NNE-NE; 10-15 mph; wind certainly off to the east. Top landing approach was a downwind!12498:29
HSat, 28 Aug 202113:51Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:35NNE; 15mph gusting; High pressure, punchy broken thermals. Lots of sink, hard work flying, bottom landed.30098:01
HSat, 07 Sep 201914:16Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:18N; 10-16 mph, took off just as a lift cycle was coming to an end. Paragliders also took to the air which made getting high enough for a top landing difficult. Safely bottom landed.10896:29
HSat, 07 Sep 201912:50Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:13NNW; 10-15 mph, overcast, light rain just before launch. Mostly had the site to myself. Top landed as high and paragliders began to launch.21996:11
HSun, 05 May 201910:50Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:32N; 10-15 mph. Touch of west in wind. For wind strength not very lifty. Rough in places, couldn't get high enough for top landing then hit sink cycle and returned to hill too low and bottom landed.28595:58
HSun, 07 Oct 201810:47Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:22N; 10-15 mph decreasing. Paragliders had started taking off so I ceased the opportunity and launched. Decided to bottom land at Bo Peep when I saw the ridge full of paragliders when I turned back.2503.595:26
HWed, 05 Sep 201815:00Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:04N; 10-15mph descreasing; overcast with some moisture in the air.095:04
HSun, 29 Oct 201711:33Wills Wing U2 160Firle01:03N-NNE 15-20mph gusting; overcast with some thermal activity. Top landed and almost got caught out by the wind strength on landing with the glider travelling backwards across the ground towards the barbed wire fence.1,01393:51
HSat, 14 May 201613:00Wills Wing U2 160Firle00:06Not the day everyone expected. The ridge didn't really work well so timing launches to coincide with a thermal was critical to staying up. In my case, bad timing and flying in traffic meant a bottom landing was inevitable. On a positive, I used my new helmet and managed to squeeze my U2 into a recently repaired XC bag!6085:34
HSun, 21 Sep 201413:45AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:36Strong northerly wind with a little east. Punchy rough thermals. A couple of sinky cycles. Top landed in front of the new fence.37074:01
HSat, 13 Sep 201415:50AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle01:14Wind increased but silky smooth air. Glad I put the second flight in. Found it hard to come down. Top landed near car park.1,05073:25
HSat, 13 Sep 201412:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle01:33Thermic conditions; too windy for paragliders. Thermals everywhere and very rough in places. Used the Myth 3 harness and rehearsed getting onto the uprights when up high. Top landed in PG bowl with no issues.1,20072:11
HSat, 30 Nov 201313:25AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle01:27N; 15-20mph. First flight with the Myth 3 harness, Flew to the beacon twice. Top landed. Need to move foot plate back a couple of inches.40066:49
HSun, 24 Nov 201314:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:06N; Started raining so had to get enough height for a top landing. Top landed ok.065:22
HSun, 24 Nov 201312:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:10N; 15-20 mph. Rough air. Got busy so top landed.065:16
HSat, 23 Nov 201313:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:26N; 15-20mph. Similar to earlier flight. Top landed as it felt like wind was dropping off.065:06
HSat, 23 Nov 201312:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:27N; 15-20mph. November thermals. Reasonable climbs, but thermals rough and punchy. Top landed.064:40
HSat, 31 Aug 201312:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:18NNW-N; Small undefined thermals making it hard to climb. Lift dropped off so top landed.30860:26
HSat, 25 May 201310:30AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:11NNE-N, and the wind dropping. Maintained for a while then had to bottom land.058:34
HSat, 28 Jan 201215:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:30Sky to the north looking grey. Flew to Firle Beacon for the first time then returned for a top landing.35049:11
HSat, 28 Jan 201214:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:25Enjoyable boating around in established flight pattern. Top landed.29048:41
HMon, 25 Apr 201100:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:2210-15 mph, weak thermals, bit rough, plenty of traffic043:45
HMon, 25 Apr 201100:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:2110-15 mph, weak thermals, bit rough, plenty of traffic044:06
HMon, 25 Apr 201100:00AirBorne Sting 3:168Firle00:1810-15 mph, weak thermals, bit rough, plenty of traffic044:24